Printed & Woven furnishing, Carpets, Kalins, Bedsheets & Bedspreads both Woven & Printed, Printed Screens, Kalamkari Prints, Jaipur & Bombay Prints, Jacquard designs etc. Dhothies, Lunghies, Towels, Turkish Towels, Shawls, Superfine and Fine Shirtings, Sarees.


Cotton & Polyvastra Shirts, Slacks, Jubbas, Pyjamas etc. Chudidhars, Salwar Kammis, Midi, Nighties, Fancy Market Bags, Pillow Covers, Mirror Work Square & Round Cushion covers etc, Mattresses, Pillows, Quilt, Square Cushion, Bolster with Pure Silk Cotton.


Blankets, Shawls, Sweaters, Muffler & Caps.


Kancheepuram Jari Sarees, Printed Silk Sarees, Scarf, Reeled, Raw, Ketia, Tassar, Bafta, Softa Silk Shirtings, Dhothies, Angavastrams, Kurthas, Shirts, etc.


Jewellery, Rosewood Panels, Teapoys & Brass Pooja Articles, Sandal Wood & Leather Articles, Dolls & Gift Articles, Steel Cupboards, Cots & Wooden Furnitures


Gems Stones, Precious Stones, Semi Precious Stones, Agate Stone Malas, Semi Precious Stone Malas, Real Navarathna Malas, Real Coral Malas & Pearl Malas Silver with Gold Plating Necklace set & Ear Rings, Silver Rudratcharam malas, etc.

God Figures, Elephants, Paper Cutters, Book Marks, Key Chains, Gift Cards, Japa Malas Jewellery Boxes, Photo Frames, Pocket Mirrors, Cart Elephants, Log Elephants, Pen Stands, Bathi Stands, Table Decoratives, Kum Kum Boxes, Mantaps, Fancy Articles, Powder, Paste, Flower Dust, Billets, Cardamom Garlands, etc.


God Figures, Pannels, Teapoys, Boxes, Animals, Assorted Mandapams. Pithwork. Leaf Greetings, Nirmal Paintings, Assorted Articles, Mirror Works, Glass Paintings, Plate Stands, Laminated Panels, Teakwood Mandapams.

Vellarekku Ver Vinyagar, Valampuri Chanku, Chanku Rudrakcharam Malas, Rudrakchara Beads 2 to 21 Faces, Wooden Screens, Corner Stand, Teapoys, Shesam Wood Articles, Marble Dust God Figures, Marble Tajmahal, Marble Assorted Articles, Patharasa Prameed, Kubera Yenthiram, Rasamani, Spatika Malas, Spatika God Figures.

Kuthuvilakku, Kamatchi Vilakku, Bowls, Flowervase, Peacock, Pooja Bells, Uruli Items, Pancha Loga God Figures, Kum Kum Box, Curtain Belts, Bathi and Candle Stands, Dhoop Arathy, etc.

Ganesh, Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Nataraja, Balaji, Krishnas Etc.
Tanjore Plates, Tanjore Shields.

Elephants, Horse, Peacock, God Figures, Happy Man, Lamp Items, Mandapams, Key Hangers, Letter Hangers, Wall Panels.

Pavai Vilakku, Natarajar, Elephant, Car Seats, Screen Beads, Wooden Massage Sets.

White Wood Items :
Wooedn Carvings, Wooden Curtains Car Seats, Screen Beads, Wooden Massage Sets.

Toys :
Chennapatna Toys, Kondapally Toys, Cone Dolls.

Jute Items :
Jooda, Bags, Wall Panels, Wall Paintings.

Bamboo Items :
Peacock, Wall Panels, Table Mats sets Coir Mats and Korai Mats, Straw Panels, Patch wprk Panels, Wall Paintings, Coconut Shell Items, Silk Garlands.

Steel Furniture's: Steel Almirah, Cot, Etc.

Paper Machie Dolls, Plaster of Paris Dolls, Clay Dolls, Stone Ganesh, Wal Panels, God Figures, Dancing Dolls, Dummy Horse Sets, Manipur Dancing Dolls, Plaster of Paris - Meera, Stone God Figures, Kolu dolls in all varieties, Dasavatharam Set, Asta Lakshmi Set, Ramar set etc.

Cot, Sofa set, Dinning Table and Teapoy.

Coin Purse, Gents Wallets, Gents Cash Bags Big and Small, Travel Bags, Executive Bags, Laptop Model Bag, Brief Case, Ladies Hand Bags, Ladies Shopping Bags, College Bags, Passport Covers, Key Case, Cell Phone covers, Glouse, Belt Pouch, Belts, Credit Card Holder, Jerkins, File Covers, Lipstic Case, Belts, etc. Shanthi Niketan - Kolkatta - Leather Purses, Bags, etc.


Honey, Pickles, Edible Powders, Appalam, Vadam, Vathal, Soap and Bathi Varieties & Bakery Products, Badam, Pistha, Cashew, Kashmir Saffron, Amla Honey, Dhall & Navadanyam Varieties.

Permanent Exhibitions cum Sales in our Showroom for the Whole Year
Alovera Products, Organic Products, Amla Products, Jam items, Palm Products, Herbal soap varieties, Sprouts, Dry Fruits, Pooja Products, Siddha medicine & many more.